Transportable Communications

Transportable Satellite Terminals

Prime Satellite Broadband has provided a transportable satellite solution for satellite broadband with single button deployment for many years. Clients have included

  • Care UK for West Midlands NHS
  • Christies Hospital NHS
  • Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue
  • National Grid (now Cadent)
  • Action Cancer
  • Ceredigion County Council
  • Cleveland Fire and Rescue
  • Vale of Glamorgan Youth Service
  • Fingal County Council
Our emphasis today is on Ka-band services in he UK and would like to continue for other countries. However, where Ka-band is not available we can provide Ku-Band and we can support several requirements including Blue Light and similar command vehicle operations, mobile medical vehicles, education in the community, mobile libraries, broadcast and any other service that needs to have reliable commucations transported to where it is needed.

Satellite Ka-band is a reliable service today and at a much lower cost can support very high upload speeds of 30Mbps and above using a 1.2m dish. Today's technology will support the high speeds in most weather conditions. We can provide single shared bandwidth services or dedicated capacity bandwidth as well as dedicated bandwidth shared across many vehicles..

Where there is good 3G/4G coverage we can provide multi-network eSIMs in vehicle routers and vejhicle outdoor antennas. Often combining the mobile broadband with satellite broadband provides near 100% coverage whereby you select the best method to communicate and able to operate even in the remotest of areas where there is no 3G/4G signal..


With the greater coverage provided by 4G today, Prime Satellite Broadband can offer in-vehicle 4G systems. Whether for tracking, telemetric data, data transfer or just to provide passegers a connected experience, this is today an important advance. We can provide you with Multi-network 4G LTE broadband in leased cars,commercial trucks, on-the-road-PR trailers, sales people, commuters, etc. The applications are endless. Our eSIMs will work in virtually any country in the world so if you are outside the UK or travel across borders, we can provide broadband connectivity on the best available signal that is within the supported operators in the country you are in.

We cannot provide any guaranteed bandwidth with 4G like we can with satellite, but we can pool GBytes between several vehicles where this is desireable. If you need to provide secure access to the office we can provide a fixed public IP address for your eSIM or, for multiple vehicles, a private APN so that everyone is inside the Company's network. We can also provide bothe 4G LTE and satellite on vehicles that need high resiliance.

New Developments

Transportable satellite systems currently do require you to stay in one place. There are systems that allow you to move such as inmarsat, but these are very epensive and not high speed broadband. New flat panel dishes are now available which will dispense with moving motorised dishes promising faster access to the satellite and access while on the move and the future Low Earth orbiit satellites promise high speeds on the move at relatively low cost.. We are continually monitoring developments and will be able to advise you whether these provide better solutions for your needs.

Of course, 4G does allow you to have broadband on the move where required and combining this with satellite is a good soluton for many. 4G is covering more areas

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