Customer Support Services

FOR ALL SUPPORT SERVICES CALL +44 1582 806892 Option 2

We always hope that you have trouble free service. This is a complex service and therefore it is not surprising that very occasionally things do not go smoothly. Prime Satellite Broadband believe in providing you with expert support that quickly gets the service up and running again.

If you have slow or no broadband service, there are some quick checks/actions that you can do before making any calls. 90% of the times these quick checks resolve the issue and you will soon be surfing the Internet again at broadband speeds.

Your broadband link is only one small part of the whole Internet so remember the issue may not be due to the service we provide. We will always help identify whatever the cause is to get you up and running again as quick as possible

Note that we do not keep you waiting on our support lines. If unable to abswer quickly we ask that you leave a message with details so that we can call you back. Often if we have enough details we can resolve your issue before calling you back.

There are some things you can check/do before calling us. In many cases these will resolve the issue and you can continue to enjoy your broadband service. Often a simple reboot of the satellite modem, 4G router or your wireless router will fix the problem.

  • What is the weather doing? Very heavy rain or snow can cause temporary loss of service. Wait a few minutes until the weather rain/snow subsides and see if your service is restored.
  • A local problem? Check that power is applied to routers and modems. Are you connected to the wireless signal (or if directly connected via Ethernet, cables propely inserted). Use your computer's diagnostic help to ensure there is no computer software issue. Clear your browser cache as this gets full and slows browsing down.
  • A terminal issue? Record what the lights are doing (on/off/flashing). Reseting your router/modem (switch off for 20 seconds and switch on again) often clears the issue. Check for Satellite systems or external aerials that your RF cables are connected and whether the satellite dish has moved. Make sure nothing is blocking the dish line of sight to the satellite.
  • An Internet issue? Ensure the issue is not due to the remote site or web site. Try to access a different web site and see if it can be accessed OK at normal speeds. Is there an issue with the site/service you are using (e.g. problem with your email provider).

You can carry out a speed test to see what speed you are able to get over the network. For satellite networks on the Avanti network you can use their dedicated, latency tolerant, speed test site, for other broadband systems you can use any speed test you prefer, we recommend On satellite systems it is important to test speed when connected directly to the satellite modem via Ethernet. This isolates your local router and any other connected device that may be affecting your service.

On Mobile 4G networks you can go to the mobile operator's web site and their coverage maps. Here you can click a tab to check service in your area by putting in your post code. Any known local problems are reported as often are any local maintenance work, both which may temporarily affect your broadband service. You can check the status of your 4G wireless router directly via its browser user interface using your local device. We have provided you with details of the router's IP address to browse to and the password to enter to gain access. Once entered you can see the signal strength being received and the data usage count for the month. Call us with these details or if you need assistance and we will advise if they are as we would expect.

Motorised Dishes: If you are using a motorised dish, then if the dish appears to be working and pointing in the right direction first check that there is nothing blocking the line of sight to the satellite (even a small obstacle such as a lamppost or top of a tree can cause interference). If there is, move the vehicle/dish so that a clear line of sight is possible and see if the link comes up. If there is a good line of sight to the satellite, then record any messages on the dish interface display or browser user interface and the lights on the dish controller and satellite modem. Stow the dish and then re-activate. If the link does not come up, then record the above information again and contact support.