Standard 4G LTE Broadband

Our 4G LTE services tariffs start at 2 GBytes per month and today include an Unlimited service depending on provider. On Vodafone you can add Bolt Ons up to a maximum 100 GBytes more for a total of 300 GBytes per month. On EE you can add as much as you like (maximum is 50 GBytes at a time). On O2 we can offer an Unlimited service. We can also support multiple SIM solutions and Multi-network solutions - contact us for details. . We are a partner of Jola Cloud Solutions Ltd and purchase direct from EE..

Our standard 4G broadband services use the Vodafone, O2 and EE mobile networks. The basic offer is a wireless router with a SIM card inserted which can be used indoors if the signal is strong enough. For a better stronger signal you can opt for an external omni-directional aerial. You can self-install this aerial, but we recommend that you use our professional installation service. 4G Internet is an ideal solution for rural broadband and those where poor broadband via phone lines exists.

You can order your 4G broadband service online here

Vodafone and O2 1 Month Services - fastest growing mobile broadband services


The following low price services are fro 3 Month minimum term contracts now until further notice:

EE 1 Month Services - fastest 4G broadband in UK where available up to 500GB per month now

If more data is required in any one month then GByte Bolt Ons can be added. The maximum number of GBytes that can be added in a month is currently 100 GBytes on Vodafone and O2. On EE you can add up to 50 GBytes as many times as you require.. Click here to see our Bolt On prices.

We can also provide special in-vehicle dual SIM wireless routers with our 4G LTE broadband services. This is ideal for fleet cars, vans, buses, trucks. It can support simple tracking and telemetry data to offering Internet access to drivers (when not driving) and passengers as well as CCTV streams where required. Dual SIM can mean ability to select between networks for connectivity resilience to higher data capacity as required.

Our EE services can be used throughout the EU currently and this can be an ideal solution for your caravan. Contact us for more details.

Some Terms you should know about

Your first service order will be pro rata to the end of the month and then you will be invoiced monthly from the 1st of each month

Note that upgrades and downgrades can be requested and will be implemented (and charged for) from the 1st of next month.

We supply a high quality wireless 4G router which can be used internally or with external Antenna. We are able to monitor data usage as reported by the router and we can give you access to this data. Data usage from the network operators can be a day or more late, so this monitoring ensures that you do not go over your data limit and be charged for high cost out-of-band data usage.Your service will be automatically barred when you reach the data usage limit. Purchasing a Bolt on will unbar your service.

All pricing includes VAT.

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