4G LTE Multi-Network Broadband

Our 4G LTE multi-network services on our eSIMs allow you to have broadband access on any network in many countries in the world. We can provide 4G routers and outdoor antennas for your requirement too. We can supply services from as low as 10MBytes per month up to 200 GBytes per month and if more is required we can add up to 200 GBytes as a Bolt On. You may require a single eSIM to travel in several countries or you may have many sites around the world that you wish to connect in a single network accessable from your data centre. Let us know what you require and we will be able to supply.

If you require installation services speak to us. Through our contacts we can provide this in any country. Prices will vary and we will quote on a case-by-case basis. We can also provide extensions via Wireless or LAN cable in your facilities where required.

These services are on 1, 2 or 3 year contracts with monthly pricing reducing the longer the contracted

Aggregate and Pooled Data

If you have multiple sites with variable data usage you can save money over the whole network by putting each site on a low data limit and purchasing a buffer pool to automatically provide ec=xtra data to those sites that need this. Alternatively you can divide your total expected usage across all sites and put on an aggregate data plan such that those site sthat need more can take this from the other sites that do not need their full data allocation. Typically the best method will depend on the application. Talk to us to discuss these options and which would be best and save the most.

Private APNs

WIth the multi-network eSIMs we can set up a Private APN for all your sites/terminals. This means you can set up a single VPN link to our mobile manager centre with Jola and then all the eSIMs set up on the Private APN will be accessable inside your network. This is far easier to manage than multiple VPN links, does not require any fixed public IP addresses (you use your own network's private IP addressing) and gives total security for all your sites/terminals. As the eSIMs are multi-network, you will use the best mobile network where each site is and this will work across many countries.

Private APNs with eSIMsare extremely useful for secure communications for applications such as Delivery notifications (via connected PDAs), however with the explosion of the Internet of Things (IOT) market they provide an excellent means to impement the connection of many unmanned items and automated systems. So often the location of these items are not able to use the same mobile operator and it is difficult (or costly) to connect securely. Tell us what you need connecting or changing to a more cost effective method and we are sure we will surprise you.

International Travellers

If you travel to several countries and need to have good broadband access wherever you are, multi-network eSIMs are the ideal solution. We can provide just the eSIM for your own router/phone, supply a portable 4G router or, if you are travelling in a vehicle, an appropriate in-vehicle router. For vehicles we can arrange installation of a supplied antenna to mount on your vehicle too.

We can install on caravans too. We provide you with a 4G router with wireless signal for connection via a multi-network eSIM so that you can use the best signal available and across borders when you travel. We can install 4G and wireless antennas outdoors to improve the Internet access speed and extend your wireless reach. No more depending on oand paying for expensive in camp broadband services.

Speak to us about your requirements including which countries you expect to visit, how you wll travel and the length of contract (1 to 3 years).

Some Terms you should know about

Your first service order will be pro rata to the end of the month and then you will be invoiced monthly from the 1st of each month

Note that upgrades and downgrades can be requested and will be implemented (and charged for) from the 1st of next month.

We supply a high quality wireless 4G router which can be used internally or with external Antenna. We are able to monitor data usage as reported by the router and we can give you access to this data. Data usage from the network operators can be a day or more late, so this monitoring ensures that you do not go over your data limit and be charged for high cost out-of-band data usage.Your service will be automatically barred when you reach the data usage limit. Purchasing a Bolt On will unbar your service.

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