Standard 4G LTE Broadband Backup

Our standard 4G LTE broadband services use the Vodafone and O2 networks via our supplier Jola Cloud Solutions Ltd. The basic offer is a wireless router with a SIM card inserted which can be used indoors if the signal is strong enough. For a better stronger signal you can opt for an external omni-directional aerial. You can self-install this aerial, but we recommend that you use our professional installation service to ensure this is done effectively.
Our services tariffs start at 2 GBytes per month and go up to 200 GBytes per month. You can add Bolt Ons up to a maximum 100 GBytes more for a total of 300 GBytes per month. This is ample for most, but if you need more, then you can purchase a second SIM (with or without a router) to provide up to 600GBytes more for the month. There is no limit as to how many SIM cards you use and therefore to how much data you can use.
You can check how good the broadband service is at your location by doing a speed test on a smartphone. Do test outside as well as inside as this will tell you whether you are better using an external aerial for a good service. Where the signal is good you can get better than 30Mbps down from the Internet during off-peak periods. This test may also tell you which offers the best service - Vodafone or O2.

You can order your service online by selecting the service you wish to purchase below and provide the details when requested. Your order will be sent to us via email and we will immediately start to process the order to supply your service as soon as possible. We will send you an invoice for payment and provide you with payment options such as Direct Debit.


The following low price 12 month services have been extended until further notice:.
If more data is required in any one month then GByte Boosters can be added. The maximum number of GBytes that can be added in a month is currently 100 GBytes. You can add the following number of GBytes and increase the number of boosters to the next level up to the maximum for the following prices:

MobBooster 3GB £7.20
MobBooster 5GB £13.80
MobBooster 10GB £24.00
MobBooster 20GB £33.60
MobBooster 40GB £54.00
MobBooster 100GB £90.00
Your first service order will be pro rata to the end of the month and then you will be invoiced monthly from the 1st of each month

Note that upgrades and downgrades can be requested and will be implemented (and charged for) from the 1st of next month.

We supply a high quality wireless 4G router which can be used internally or with external Antenna. We are able to monitor data usage as reported by the router and we can give you access to this data. Data usage from the network operators can be a day or more late, so this monitoring ensures that you do not go over your data limit and be charged for high cost out-of-band data usage.Your service will be automatically barred when you reach the data usage limit. Purchasing a Bolt on will unbar your service.

All pricing includes VAT.

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