Serving the Hospitality Industry

The quality of Internet at hotels, caravan parks, theme parks, safari parks or any hospitality location is critical today for success. Availability of a good Internet link for guests adds value to your location.

Prime Satellite Broadband can provide a high end low contention satellite link for those locations that are exclusive, but rural. Standard satellite high contention services are fine foir small low demand sites. However, these platforms are not able to support significant number of simultaneous users and often bandwidth availability is squeezed to make them too slow..

In many countries we can provide a low contention ratio (10:1 or lower) as well as dedicated capacity links with unlimited data you can be sure that there will be plenty of bandwidth for your guests at all times. We would seek to supply the best prices without comprimising quality so that the cost per user is kept as low as possible.

In most countries a licence for your satellite terminal is required and it is often best to purchase this yourselves in-counttry to save costs.. We will assist you fully in purchasing a licence.

Just contact us letting us know where you need the service and what bandwidth is required. We will then investigate the options and quote.

If you are somewhere where there is poor cable broadband, but a good 4G signal, we can offer you a 4G LTE solution with support for high number of users and very high data usage capabilities.

Prime Satellite Broadband understands the critical nature of the link to the Internet and therefore we offer best of Industry customer support. Most issues can be resolved via telephone support or remote actions, however, if this does not solve the issue we can visit your site as soon as possible - we can provide bespoke response services if required..

We can also install wireless systems at your location to distribute the signal throughout your location. We can provide priority/guaranteed service for your office admin staff as well as controilled Hot Spot connectivity for your guests. You tell us what you need and we will do the rest.

We are just a phone call away - Call us on +44 1582 806892 or visit our Contact Page and send an enquiry today.