Satellite Broadband Services

In many places satellite is the only way you can get broadband to your home or business. As long as you can see the satellite(s) you will get a broadband service.

Our emphasis is to provide satellite services via the most modern and high throughput satellites where these are available. We offer Fixed position GEO and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite services to businesses..

We can provide satellite services in any country where local licensing laws allow. We can also supply motorised dishes for auto-satellite aquisition for those who are on the move and maritime services. Currently we offer Starlink LEO services for business or distributed community services. If in the UK, please visit ReliaLink for UK services.
We can support single sites, multi-sites, distributed broadband and dedicated capacity links as required.

Customer Focused Service and Support

It is always difficult to tell different suppliers apart when selecting a broadband service. Satellite is no different and we recognise that most people understand satellite less than other forms of broadband. We have many testimonials to the good service and support that we provide and we promise to continue to do this. We believe that our services are better than the rest, not necessarily in the pricing and general performance (that is mostly the same for similar specified services), but because we supply:

  • Best of Industry Customer Support
  • Satellite Engineers with over 35 years experience
  • High Service Quality
  • 1 Month Rolling Contracts wherever this is possible
  • Reliablle hardware proven in the field