Satellite BDUK

Prime Satellite Broadband can provide a satellite service throughout the UK wherever you live. We are registered to provide these services under the Government BDUK scheme in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland if you eligible. We will look to see if a 4G LTE solution is possible, but if not, then as long as you have a clear line of sight to the satellite in the South West, then we can supply satellite broadband to you.

Tens of thousands of people and businesses use satellite today and it is a suitable, reliable and well proven solution. Today's services are capable of providing over 10Mbps much of the time (during off-peak periods) and you will be able to do most things on the Internet.
All our BDUK satellite services provide up to 15Mbps down and up to 2Mbps up on a 50:1 Contended Link. The network is designed to supply an average speed of over 2Mbps down during peak periods.

Minimum Contract period is 12 months on BDUK services.

With a valid voucher you only pay £24.99 Activation charge.

We have the lowest GByte Booster Charges if you need more data any month!
Our services are as good as any you can compare with at similar prices. Note that the 'Up To' (Headline) speeds are not an indication of quality of service. The raw cost of satellite bandwidth is about the same for all, so higher Headline speeds only mean higher contention (sharing) ratios so your average speeds will be the same - in particular peak time service will be similar.

How to Order

If you already have a voucher, then you can order online here. Select the service you desire and fill in your details and send your order. We will then contact you to arrange delivery and installation. If you have any questions or prefer to send your order in a different way, please do contact us.

Note that the grant covers standard equipment (74cm dish, 1 Watt Transceiver, standard modem) and standard install (elbow wall mount and up to 30 metres cable dish to modem). if you need a non-standard installation or additional equipment let us know. In some situations we can get additional grant cover, but this is not guaranteed.


  • All BDUK Satellite services will run at an equivalent contention (sharing) ratio of 50:1.
  • The maximum up to data rate will be 15Mbps down and 2Mbps up.
  • BDUK satellite services operates a Fair Usage Policy (FUP).
  • You can add a Night Unlimited option to your service for £10/month extra
  • We do not supply a wireless router as standard, but this is available as an option.
  • BDUK contracts are minimum 12 months
  • All prices include VAT at 20%,
The FUP runs at full headline speeds until 70% of the monthly GByte data usage has been used then gradually reduces the maximum headline data rate on your service until you reach your data usage limit. When you reach your service data volume limit your service is redirected to the portal web page. You have the option of purchasing GByte Boosters to reset your service to full maximum headline data rates (15Mbps down 2Mbps up). RESIDENTIAL GByte Boosters cost £5.99 including VAT per GByte.

Where justified and required, Prime Satellite Broadband uniquely allows the purchase of fixed public IP addresses for the terminal.

Prime Satellite Broadband is a partner of Avanti Communications plc and fully licenced by Ofcom to provide satellite services in the UK.