Residential Satellite Services

No-one in the UK needs to be without broadband. Prime Satellite Broadband provides an affordable solution for rural broadband and all those poor/no broadband service locations.

Our broadband over satellite services are provided over a British satellite (HYLAS 4) and landed in the UK so you will be seen as a UK resident in the UK. You will have access to UK distributed content sites such as BBC iPlayer. Quality is central to our satellite services and we pride ourselves in providing exceptional support to all our customers beyond the satellite broadband link.

You can select the service and options you need and order online here.


RESIDENTIAL Standard Equipment and Installation for £672.00. All RESIDENTIAL prices include UK VAT at 20%.

  • All RESIDENTIAL services will run at an equivalent contention (sharing) ratio of 50:1.
  • The maximum up to data rate will be 15Mbps down and 2.5Mbps up.
  • You have a choice between a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) or Volume Based Billing (VBB) service.

The FUP runs at full headline speeds until 70% of the monthly GByte data usage has been used then gradually reduces the maximum headline data rate on your service until you reach your data usage limit. When you reach your service data volume limit your service is redirected to the portal web page. You have the option of purchasing GByte Boosters to reset your service to full maximum headline data rates (15Mbps down 2.5Mbps up). RESIDENTIAL GByte Boosters cost £5.99 including VAT per GByte.

VBB is an alternative service scheme where no FUP is applied, however if you exceed your data volume limit in any month then you are automatically charged for any excess GBytes used (or part GByte).

Subscribers can add the Night Unlimited option to all RESIDENTIAL services for £10.00 per month. The Night Unlimited option allows all data volume used between 00:00 hours and 7:00 hours GMT not to be counted towards the service data volume limit while you remain within your data usage limit or have Boosters applied. Note the timings are GMT so you do need to make allowances for clocks going forward during the summer months.

Where justified and required, Prime Satellite Broadband allows the purchase of fixed public IP addresses for the terminal.

Prime Satellite Broadband is a partner of Avanti Communications plc and fully licenced by Ofcom to provide satellite services in the UK.

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