Residential Satellite Services

No-one in needs to be without broadband. Prime Satellite Broadband provides an affordable solution for broadband and all those poor/no broadband service locations.

We can provide satellite broadband to those without any other means to broadband services. This can be to a single house or to a community. Unlike others we will provide data limited services that ensure that the service you get has decent speeds. This way we can keep the service affordable too. With our satellite broadband we can connect your community to the Internet which is essential for the communities development and growth..

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Satellite Broadband Service Options

If you wish to have a satellite broadband service to your house, let us know which country you are in and where in the country. Let us know what level of service you wish to have. We will then check the best service in your area and type of terminal. We can then provide you with the options available. Typically the service will be based either on a contention ratio (the number of people sharing) or an a data volume limit. Prices are higher for lower contention ratios and higher data volumes. We can then provide you with the details of what options exist and what the costs will be. There may be a licence charge to pay and in most cases we would ask you to get this as prices are often lower for local people to purchase than for us to purchase.

Community Broadband

If your community is looking for broadband provision there are several ways this can be done. The simplest is to have a local place, such as the community school, local shop or community centre where the a satellite system can be installed. People would then go to this location to access the Internet. Alternatively the satellite system can still be installed at one such place and then we provide Wireless links to each house that or business that wishes to have the broadband service. For these community projects we usually will deal with one person, Community organisation or Company in the locality for payment and support. Then this person, Community organisation or Company will get payments from each person the uses the service. We provide flexible ways of supporting the installation. In general we will use a local in-country organisation to install and support the satellite and wireless terminals, however, we can also organise training of the local people in the Community so that much of this can be done by yourselves. Prime Satellite broadband customer support is always available when required. Where your Government has schemes to help finance such developments, we will always be pleased to work together with you and your Government to ensure the service is installed and kept running for your benefit.

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