PSB Platinum (100GB)

Prices on this page are inclusive of VAT at 20%

From £99.99 / month

Satellite BDUK services use a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) which reduces headline speed after you reach 70% of your monthly data limit and then suspends service when you reach this limit. You can purchase GByte Boosters to continue with services.


There is an one-off activation charge for satellite BDUK installations. If you agree to pay for the whole 12 months service within 14 days of installation, then this charge will be waived.

Night Unlimited

Night Unlimited option means any usage between 00:00 and 07:00 hours UTC will not be counted against your data limit. Note that during British Summer Time the period is 1 to 8 a.m.

Public IPs

For most a single public IP address with NAT is fine. If you think you need a subnet of 4 or 8 Public IPs please contact us first to justify this. We provide a Private IP address range of with NAT and DHCP. Please contact us if you need a different private IP range or DHCP switched off.


All installations must be carried out by a professional accredited installer. A standard install using elbow wall mount and up to 30 metres IFL cable is suitable for most locations in Mainland UK and Ireland is covered by the BDUK grant. Contact us for pricing for anything non-standard.

Basic Equipment

The following equipment will suit most sites in UK and Northern Ireland and is covered by the BDUK grant. If you live in South East Kent, near the East Coast in East Anglia or In the Shetland Islands contact us for the additional cost of larger dishes and possibly more powerful transceiver. We may be able to get the grant increased to cover these, but this is not guaranteed. If you need a more powerful Modem (HN9800) contact us for the additional cost involved.

Equipment Upgrades

Optional Wireless Router

If you want to access the Internet via Wireless, then you will need a cable wireless router and this is not included in the BDUK grant. Note ADSL routers do not work with satellite as we do not use a telephone line. You can purchase a wireless router from us if you prefer which we will test and configure to plug in and work out of the box. If you require a more powerful wireless router, special functions or wireless extensions please contact us.

BDUK Voucher Code

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