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From £324.50 / month

Billing Type

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) throttles the service headline data rate to 64kbps up and down when you reach the data limit. You can purchase GByte Boosters to continue with services.

Volume Based Billing (VBB) does not change your headline data rate and service is never suspended. You will be charged for any excess GByte data usage the following month automatically.

You always have access to the portal page at to see how much you have used.

Public IPs

For most a private IP address with NAT is fine. If you need to access your site remotely we can apply a single public IP address and port forward to any device on your local network. We provide a Private IP address range of with NAT and DHCP as standard. If you think you need a subnet of 4 or 8 Public IPs please contact us first to justify this. . Please contact us if you need a different private IP range or DHCP switched off.


All installations must be carried out by a professional accredited installer. Price is for a standard install using elbow wall mount and up to 30 metres IFL cable in most locations in Mainland UK and Ireland. Contact us for pricing for anything non-standard.

Basic Equipment

Most sites will use a HN9600 modem with 1W Outdoor Unit and 74cm Dish. If you live in South East Kent, near the East Coast in East Anglia or In the Shetland Islands contact us for the option you need to select. The HN9800 modem allows more connections over the satellite so is best for small offices or large families.

Equipment Upgrades

Optional Wireless Router

If you want to access the Internet via Wireless, then you will need a cable wireless router. Note ADSL routers do not work with satellite as we do not use a telephone line. You can purchase a wireless router from us if you prefer which we will test and configure to plug in and work out of the box. If you require a more powerful wireless router, special functions or wireless extensions please contact us.