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From £30.00 / month

4G LTE Broadband on Vodafone or EE Static IP SIM 5 GBytes per month 12 Month Contract

Optional Equipment

We supply the SIM card as standard. You will need a router to put the SIM card in. We strongly recommend that you purchase a wireless router from us so that you can be sure it meets high standards and you can monitor data usage. If you do not have a strong signal indoors, we recommend that you purchase an outdoor aerial. If you are at the edge of the coverage you may need a stronger aerial. Contact us for advice.


If you are not purchasing an aerial, self-install is fine. If you wish you can self-install an aerial. We recommend that you use one of our professional installers to ensure the installation is optimised. Price is valid for most parts of the UK, but for islands and some very remote locations there may be a supplement to pay.

Mobile Network

We supply both Vodafone and EE Fixed IP Address service. If you can find out who provides the best service by doing a speed test outside with a 4G phone on one or both of these networks. If not sure, contact us.