Prime Satellite Broadband Launches 4G LTE Broadband Services in UK

Prime Satellite Broadband Launches 4G LTE Broadband Services in UK

Prime Satellite Broadband, the Service Division of Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd is pleased to announce that they have added 4G LTE broadband services to their portfolio. With the expansion of mobile data masts more people are now able to get these services, including many who get poor ADSL broadband and no fibre. With speeds well over 10Mbps many more people can get fast broadband than before.

Services are available from Vodafone, O2 and EE. Prime Satellite Broadband provide competitive prices for rolling 1-month services on Vodafone and O2 with up to 200GBytes per month on a single SIM card. We can provide good quality wireless routers and we can monitor usage and service status at our support centre to provide customers with our excellent support services. We can also install outdoor antennas where this is required for better service speeds.

Prime Satellite Broadband can also provide for specialist services on their LTE platform covering vehicles on the move, multiple SIM routers, short-term events, directional outdoor antennas for edge of coverage locations, etc. We can also combine 4G LTE with our satellite services to provide very high resilience where this is required.

Tareq Khamis, Managing Director of Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd stated “Prime Satellite Broadband as satellite experts understand wireless technologies very well and adding 4G LTE services is a natural addition to our business. With the expansion of 4G LTE services in the UK and the imminent launch of 5G in 2020 it is an exciting time to be in the broadband business and we intend to play a par. While there are several players in this market many do not provide good customer support. We believe we can address this with our experience and reputation in providing excellent support to all our customers.”.

Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd is a premier satellite communications consulting company, based in Bedfordshire, providing sales, marketing, business development and technical evaluations for manufacturers, service providers and end users. Established in 2003, Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd has provided consultancy services to service providers and Oil Industry monitoring equipment manufacturers since its launch. With over 15 years’ experience working with key satellite manufacturers, Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd provides essential experience to the Satellite Industry. Prime Satellite Broadband is a division of Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd supplying high quality satellite services worldwide to FTSE 100 companies as well as to small businesses and residential users. Prime Satellite Broadband also provide 4G LTE broadband services.  Prime Satellite Broadband can be contacted on 01582 806892 or