Mobile Medical Diagnostics

Taking health services to the community is a vital part of medical services today. By using bespoke vehicles +health carers are able to take their services to the patient rather than expecting the patient to travel long distances to a hospital. For some people these services are the only way that they can receive the treatment they need.

These services, though, require the vehicles to be able to access patient records, update them and in some cases send images and test results back to the hospital data centre. This needs to be done reliably and securely. Using a VPN and wireless technologies such as satellite or 4G enables this to happen. 4G availability has improved recently, however, there are still patches where it does not work and if there is a large demand on a nearby mast the speeds can be reduced substancially. Thus satellite links are still an important means to provide an Internet link back to the data centre.

Prime Satellite Broadband is uniquely able to provide satellite and 4G solutions that reduce costs and guarantee security of data transfer.

Secure Transfers

With the need to keep patient records and data private, the security of transfer of images and patient data is critical to any community mobile medical vehicle. With fixed public IP address 4G LTE broadband this can use standard VPN technology based on the data centre's normal compliant systems. However, with satellite, the latency (time to respond) across the satellite positioned 22,000 miles away in orbit means that the use of a VPN will cause the data speed to reduce by too much to be of use..

Fortunately we at Prime Satellite Broadband have solutions using special VPN end-to-end boxes that will ensure that a compliant VPN link is provided and full data speeds are attained.

Multiple Vehicles and Bandwidth Pooling

If you have many vehicles operating across a region or the country, then you will be looking for ways to keep costs down. Satellite bandwidth is relatively expensive and if you need a minimum amount of bandwidth to ensure data and images are transferred in good time, then this cost will add up. By having bandwidth allocated per vehicle means that any time when the vehicle is not in use or not transmitting (no patient or smaller data sample) then this means you would be paying for bandwidth that you are not using.

Prime Satellite Broadband is able to pool bandwidth both on satellite abd 4G so that you can minimise the total bandwidth you require to serve all your vehicles. Rather than allocating bandwidth per vehicle (and therefore providing the maximum required per vehicle) you would consider the average requirement across all vehicles and provide a shared pool of bandwidth. By considering the actual bandwidth needed to serve the whole fleet and their data requirements this can significantly reduce the total amount of bandwidth you purchase to transmit data.

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