4G LTE Broadband


Prime Satellite Broadband supplies 4G LTE broadband services throughout the UK. As long as you have good coverage these services will be suitable for you even if you have poor broadband via the phone line - and we do not need a phone line. We can even provide acceptable speeds for those on the edge of coverage by using external antennas.

We have two types of service. One for standard mobile broadband for homes and businesses typically in areas where the coverage is good. The second type of service is for businesses with high quality services in congested areas and FIxed IP 4G LTE and is aimed at those who need better performance where there is high demand or a fixed IP address at their broadband site. We also have a Business Continuity back up service to complement fibre and leased line links where a high degree of resilience is required.

Our 4G Intenet services start from 2 GBytes a month to 500 GBytes per month depending on mobile network and we can provide boosters (up to 100 GBytes per month on Vodafone and O2, more on EE). We can install multiple SIM solutions, multi-network solutions and in-vehicle systems.

Customer Focused Service and Support

It is always difficult to tell different suppliers apart when selecting a broadband service.4G LTE Broadband is no different. The differentiators between suppliers centres around the support services that are provided and their expertise, not just price. we believe that we provide the best service because we supply:

  • Best of Industry Customer Support
  • Low cost Bolt Ons when you need more data
  • 1 Month Rolling Contracts wherever this is possible
  • Reliablle hardware proven in the field
  • Flexible services providing what you need not what we push

WIth Prime Satellite Broadband you get a personal service, not faceless call centre staff.