Internet of Things and Telemetry

Satellite and 4G have provided a solution for Telemetry requirements for many years. Prime Satellite Broadband has provided service in this sector. Mostly these are very low data requirements and with our ability to provide shared bandwidth pools we keep operational costs per site very low.

Now with our LTE platform we are able to provide the most cost effective solution for all sites including moving units such as lorries and cars.

Reliability is often critical for Telemetry, especially where health and safety may be concerned or optimal running of machinery is necessary to avoid costly errors or rapid response to site issues Prime Satellite Brooadband can offer emergency support and fast response site visits where this is required. Also resilient satellite and 4G combined services at single sites are possible.

Internet of Things

As broadband has become more widespread and automation more prevalent, a new concept has entered our world - Internet of Things (IoT). The concept is already actively being promoted and many have started to implemnet solutions to connect all parts of disperse processes together. The idea goes beyond simple telemetry and requires multiple devices in different locations to communicate and co-ordinate activity and information to enhance operational efficiency and capability.

However, the success of IoT will depend on being able to reach all your devices wherever they are. Prime Satellite Broadband can do this for you using satellite or 4G links or a combination of both. Speak to us about your requirements including how much bandwidth you need to push and the locations you need to serve and we will deliver a solution for you.

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