Middle East And Africa

Prime Satellite Broadband partner with several wholesalers and satellite organisations to provide satellite broadband services over the Middle East and Africa. We can provide C-band, Ku-Band and Ka-band services. We recommend C-Band for regions where the rainfall is regularly very heavy. In some parts of Africa new Ka-Band services are now available.

For many regions the Middle East & Africa, satellite provides the best quality of service for broadband access to the Internet.

Prime Satellite Broadband mainly serves Corporates and NGOs who require service in the region. We can guarantee the quality of service. We are satellite experts and thus provide excellent support to your operation and can train your staff to maintain the equipment if required.

We will not cut costs to lower quality just to quote the lowest price. We can providde dedicated bandwidth solutions for those that need the highest quality broadband. With expert knowledge of the various providers covering your region, we will ensure you receive this best value and support for your Internet access requirements.

We are able to provide bespoke services that require coverage at several sites in the region and/or require guaranteed/dedicated bandwidth. In some areas we can supply portable satellite Internet solutions.


Prime Satellite Broadband provides coverage over the whole of Europe. These services are provided via Avanti HYLAS 1 services or TooWay Ka-Sat where HYLAS 1 does not cover the area.

Services suit both residential and business users. There are a variety of Internet via satellite service options from low cost low bandwidth/low data volume usage to suit very light users to high bandwidth/high data volume usage to suit large offices or heavy users.

UK Expat/Holiday Homes

Do you live in Continental Europe or have a holiday home and cannot get broadband? Maybe you desire a UK based, English speaking support service that understands your needs? Prime Satellite Broadband are the perfect supplier for you. Our satellite Internet services are ideally suited for your requirements with a whole range of services including low cost from £10+VAT per month. We can accept payments in Euros too.

Purchase Today

You can have broadband today. Satellites provide equal service everywhere under the coverage. We only use the latest Ka-band technology so you can be sure that Prime Satellite Broadband will provide the best service available. No need to wait years for promised improvements in your local terrestrial service. You can have broadband via satellite today.

Best Support

We guarantee that we will support you on any issue relating to your broadband. We do not stop at the broadband link over the satellite. We will try to assist you with your local network and applications. At the very least we will help you identify what you need to do to solve any issue you face.

We are just a phone call away - Call us on 01582 806892 or visit our Contact Page and send an enquiry today.