Fixed IP 4G LTE

Prime Satellite Broadband can supply a high quality fixed public IP address for your broadband.. You can select services on a rolling month contract or, at lower prices1, 2 or 3 contracts for Fixed IP services. Prices are based on Zones and we can let you know the cost for the countries you wish to visit or put the broadband service.

Multi-Network eSIM Services With Fixed Public IP Address

You or your business needs a broadband service with fixed public IP address (UK based) and need this outside the UK. It may be for one or more offices or maybe travellers that need to stay connected to the office securely. Our Multi-network eSIMs will provide you with connection to the best available signal wherever you are (operators musy be part of the options for the Zone) and you keep the same UK based IP address everytime. Thus you will have access to secure applications that need to identify you and you can allow remote access to your devices where necessary.

Let us know where you require the service and we can quote the prices for the Zone you wish to use the service in. Let us know how long you need the service for as we can provide rolling-month contracts for temporary use as well as 1, 2 and 3 year contracts. Prices reduce the longer the conract period.

Pay-Per-Zone eSIMs

If you expect to operate within a lower cost Zone country most of the time, but occasionally need to operate out of a higher cost Zone country, you can opt for a Pay-per-Zone Multi-network eSIM. Here you only pay for the higher Zone rate when you actually use the service in the higher priced Zone country. When you return to the Lower-Zone counry, your pricing reverts back to the lower price.

This option allows you to manage your service costs significantly.. We can link you to the Mobile Manager so that you can monitor your usage and when you have used the service in different Zones.

This can be very useful for international travellers in vehicles (sales people, trucks) as they do not have to worry about whether who they connect to when they enter different countries and risk much higher costs due to the roaming lottery.. You will know the pricing beforehand and will keep your fixed IP adress everytime.

If more data is required in any one month then GByte Bolt Ons can be added to Fixed IP services. The maximum number of GBytes that can be added in a month is currently 100 GBytes For backup services Bolt Ons are automatically added when the service goes over the current Bolt On level and can go up to a total of 500 GBytes. Click here to see our Bolt On prices.

Fixed IP seervices are available wherever the mobile network has coverage. If you are just outside the coverage area, we can consider using a directional antenna. This will require a line of sight to a mobile mast.

Some Terms you should know about

Your first service order will be pro rata to the end of the month and then you will be invoiced monthly from the 1st of each month

Note that upgrades and downgrades can be requested and will be implemented (and charged for) from the 1st of next month.

We supply a high quality wireless 4G router which can be used internally or with external Antenna. We are able to monitor data usage as reported by the router and we can give you access to this data. Data usage from the network operators can be a day or more late, so this monitoring ensures that you do not go over your data limit and be charged for high cost out-of-band data usage.Your service will be automatically barred when you reach the data usage limit. Purchasing a Bolt On will unbar your service.

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