Prime Satellite Broadband has supplied satellite services to events, big and small. Including large events such as Glastonbury and the Isle of Wight Festival to small events such as The Beaulieu Caravan Show.

We can work with the people organising the event directly or through specialist Companies that provide communication services to events. We are able to provide short term rental of satellite equipment and short term services for the length of the event. Whether the event requires webcast of a show or just to provide WiFi Internet access to organisers, stall holders or the public we have solutions that will fit and are affordable.

Today we can provide both Satellite and 4G LTE broadband connections in many countries. In some cases both are supplied for resillience (4G can become very congested in crowded areas) or for different requirements (satellite is a better medium for supplying guaranteed bandwidth uplinks for broadcast).

Prime Satellite Broadband has provided services for film sets. Often the location of a set has no Internet access available and the need is to rapidly set up a link so that admin staff and site managers have a link back to the production studio. Also the content of the film may need to be sent back for storage and editing.

We can also support live radio and TV broadcasts.

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