Serving the Construction Industry

Prime Satellite Broadband has been providing satellite communication services to the Construction idustry from the very start. Our clients have included Laing O'Rourke, Volker Fitzpatrick, I & H Brown, O'Halloran & O'Brien and others.

Now with our LTE platform we are providing both satellite and 4G LTE broadband on sites. For mission critical sites we provide both so that the risk of loss of connectivity is virtually nil.

Where possible we will provide short term contracts which is ideal for construction sites that can require service over short periods of a few weeks to over a year.

If you need to move the office on site this can be done quickly and simply. For satellite all we require is that we can see the satellite.

We can support multiple sites in different countries. Services always depend on what is available in each country and local licensing laws, however, we can provide both satellite and 4G services so have a good chance of providing a service at all sites.

We understand that good reliable communications is critical for a Construction project and besides ensuring we provide reliable equipment and service, we aim to be Best in Industry Customer Support. This means being available to respond to your calls and to have the ability to assist you in any local network issue, not just the broadband service we provide. We design our network so that most issues can be resolved over the phone and/or remotely, however, if you need a site visit we look to arrive as soon as possible to resolve any issue. We will provide support, working with your IT department where necessary, to assist design local network requirements. We can also provide local network design to install and support this too.

We are just a phone call away - Call us on +444 1582 806892 or visit our Contact Page and send an enquiry today.