Business Satellite Services

Businesses today cannot operate without broadband. Prime Satellite Broadband business satellite services provide good, reliable equipment and services that will ensure your business can operate anywhere in the world.

We use the best available services in each country and can provide both shared bandwidth (contended) and dedicated capacity bandwidth to match your needs. Depending on what your country allows we can supply both fixed satellite GEO services or Starlink Low Earth Orbit (LEO) services.

We can provide in-country installation and maintenance. Where required we can organise training to enable must maintenance to be carried out by yourselves. This can be a good option for very remote operations to save time for maintenance actions. In many countries a VSAT licence is required to operate a satellite broadband terminal. It is normally cheapest if someone in-country, such as yourselves, obtain the licence. We will assist with any application required with the technical information that might be required. If there is no difference in cost, we can then obtain the necessary licence, if you prefer.

Shared Bandwidth for Offices and Telemetry

Service options vary depending on Country and location, however, we will look to provide the best service to suit your requirement that is available. Equipment may be from Hughes, ViaSat, Starlink or iDirect all leading providers in the market. Quaity of service is mostly determined by the contention ratio of the service - the lower the better the average speed you get. For low data requirements we can usualy find a low bandwidth higher contention service that keeps the cost per site low. Let us know your requirements and if possible:

  • The contention (sharing ratio you need from 2:1 and higher).
  • The maximum up to data rate you need for the site for the down and up links.
  • How long you need the service for - short term contracts are sometimes availabe, but often the longer contracted the lower the price.

We will match your requirements with what is available.

Dedicated Capacity Services

If you need to have full accessto the available bandwidth for high quality services, we can provide dedicated capacity services in many countries.Large projects and large offices often come under this category.

Let us know whatyou require including:

  • The bandwidth on the downlink and uplink you require
  • Whether you require distribution of access across the site or office.
  • How long you need the service for - short term contracts are sometimes availabe, but the longer contracted the lower the price.

For very large bandwidth requirements we would use a point-to-point modem and large antennas are likely to be required. If available in your country, Starlink business servces may provide a lower cost, high speed service for you. These are contended, but with prioritised service with up to 220 Mbps download speeds.

We can distrubute access using wireless links across a site (including mesh systems where appropriate) while in offices a combination of wireless and hard wired Ethernet LAN links can be installed. We would normally require to do a site survey to determine the best solution for you.

If you have several sites and wish to be the sole user of bandwidth shared acros the site, we can do this by purchasing dedicated bandwidth and made available across all your sites where avaiable. Note that this can be a very efficient method of sharing across hundreds of low data/bandwidth sites for telemetry.

Licensing in-country is often best applied for by you to keep costs down in many countries. We wil advise and assist on the application as required.

Transportable Communications

Prime Satellite Broadband has ample experience in providing transportable satellite communications. This can be via providing a fly away terminal where you have can quickly assemble a terminal together and place on location pointed towards the satellite or by mounting a self-pointing anatenna on the roof of your vehicle with one touch activation. Fly away terminals can also be self-pointing if required. If using a Phased Array Starlink antenna, this always finds a satellite without requiring any mechanical parts.

Unless two countries have bi-lateral agreements (e.g. EU countries), normally you will only have a licence to operate the satellite terminal in one country. If you do need to be able to cross borders, let us know so that we can deterine what needs to be done to allow this and what costs/arrangements need to be made.

We can also assist in providing or adapt vehicles with our partner W. H. Bence.

We can also provide to maritime services. Starlink provides a high speed (contended) service world-wide including the poles so is an ideal service for vessels that have to travel long distances and provide services to a number of users.

Transportable satellite terminals can be used in the following:

  • Emergency Service Command vehicles
  • NGO and Charity vehicles.
  • Mobile Medical Centres
  • Mobile Educational Vehicles
  • Mobile Advertising abd Sales Booth vehicles
  • Mobile Libraries
These can be combined with 3G/4G/5G terminals and we can provide training as required.

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