Business 4G with EE

Prime Satellite Broadband supplies 4G services for businesses that require leased line performance even at the extremes of coverage. This service avoids the high cost of bringing fibre links to your location even if you are at the edge of coverage as we use high-gain directional aerials to maximise the signal you can get.
We are able to provide this to you as a SimRush approved reseller using the EE network. While we supply the equipment and installation services, you will normally be contracted directly to EE for the service on a 24 month contract.
Services start from 2 GBytes to a massive 600 GBytes per month depending on your requirement. You can purchase bolt ons from EE if required.

This service is suitable for all types of business where a fast Internet connection is required. Whether this is for a hotel, factory, office, remote telemetry site, wind farm or solar farm we are able to ensure you get reliable, fast, high quality broadband access to you quickly at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to get a cable installed.

We are also able to provide this as failover or load balanced Internet access for your ADSL or fibre link. We can combine with our satellite service. Whatever you need to ensure that your link to the Internet is virtually 100% guaranteed at all times. The loss of Internet may cost your business substantial money from lost production and/or opportunity.
While the service delivery is from EE, we are able to provide you with a monitopring function so that we can support your site fully. EE provide a basic support service, however, there are many things that may need attention - especially as we provide a bespoke service for your requirements that EE would not be aware of. We are able to also provide a full monitoring service that allows us to see your equipmet and support you fully. Speak to us about your requirements and ask how we can provide you with a fully supported service.

The bespoke nature of this service and the need to place an order for service through EE means that we need to speak with you about your requirements and provide a price for the hardware, installation and support that you will need. Contact us and we are ready to serve you.

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