Prime Satellite Broadband can provide 4G LTE broadband wherever there is Vodafone or O2 coverage in England, Scotalnd and Northern Ireland. We are registered to provide these services under the Government BDUK scheme if you are eligible. If you do not have good coverage, do look at our Satellite BDUK option as a good alternative.

4G coverage is expanding fast and you may find that a mast has recently been installed near you. We only install this if you are able to get 10Mbps or better from the 4G service. We use an outdoor aerial, so if you have access to a 4G enabled smartphone on either the Vodafone or O2 networks, then you can load a speed test app (speedtest.net is fine) and do some tests outside your house/office to see if you are able to get a good signal and speed.
All services provide the maximum speed that the mobile network operator is able to provide and does depend on strength of signal and number of mobile users.

Minimum Contract period is 12 months on BDUK services.

With a valid voucher you only pay £60.00 Activation charge.

We can provide up to 200GBytes per month on these services

How to Order

If you already have a voucher, then you can order online here. Select the service you desire and fill in your details and send your order. We will then contact you to arrange delivery and installation. If you have any questions or prefer to send your order in a different way, please do contact us.

Note that the grant covers standard equipment (Dual band wireless 4G LTE router and 2dB outdoor omni-directional aerial) and standard install. if you need a non-standard installation or additional equipment let us know. In some situations we can get additional grant cover, but this is not guaranteed.


  • All BDUK 4G LTE services will run at the contention (sharing) ratio provided locally by the mobile network operator.
  • Data rates will be be able to reach 10Mbps down and can be as high as 40Mbps in some areas.
  • BDUK contracts are minimum 12 months
  • Currently we offer services on the Vodafone and O2 networks.
  • The cables on aerials are only 5m long so the router needs to be placed close to the aerial entry point.
  • All prices include VAT at 20%,
If the 2dB onmi-directional aerial is not providing good enough signal strength, then you can opt to upgrade at additional cost to the 5dB onmi-directional aerial and where there is a line of sight to a mast, a directional aerial. Please contact us if this is required.

Prime Satellite Broadband is a partner of Jola Cloud Solutions Limited.