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Why Choose Us?

Prime Satellite Broadband have always prioritised providing excellent customer support to customers and continually aim to be 'Best of Industry'. We will enveavour to assist you with local network and remote site issues to help you have a trouble free service.
We control our own satellite bandwidth and have special deals for 4G Broadband. Hence we supply the best value Internet services especially when you want to use the service.
Prime Satellite Broadband supplies Satellite and 4G LTE broadband services. We advise the best service available for your location. We are your one stop supplier for broadband services. Use 4G and Satellite at one site for maximum resilience.
Prime Satellite Broadband is run by experienced communication engineers providing bespoke solutions where needed. We can help design your local network where you need multiple points of connectivity. You tell us what you require and we will provide.

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    After a long while seeing the promise of fast broadband speeds via the mobile networks using the new 5G LTE standard, we finally see that it […]
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