Prime Satellite Broadband Reduces Prices Again

Prime Satellite Broadband, the Service Division of Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd is pleased to announce that they have again lowered the cost hof satellite broadband services in the UK and Ireland

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One major power of satellite broadband is the fact that the quality of service is the same wherever you are and you do not need any wires to connect to the Internet. Prime Satellite Broadband can provide transportable satellite solutions to many requirements.Glos I&C vehicle.jpg

Transportable Office with Internet Access

Broadband access is essential for office functions. Internet access greatly facilitates many functions that would be difficult or impossible to carry out without the broadband connection. Emergency service mobile command vehicles, mobile medical centres, mobile libraries and classrooms are just some examples requiring office/meeting facilities in different locations. Many industries, such as mining and construction, require temporary Internet access facilities and then move to other locations, maybe after a few days or a few months, but the only satellite is a reliable portable system.While mobile phone data networks and Wimax networks have promised to provide such access, the truth is that both of these technologies do not and probably will never provide 100% coverage and where they do quality is often poor.  Only a satellite solution will ensure you will get an Internet up and running quickly at the location.

Prime Satellite Broadband can provide both Ku-Band and faster Ka-band transportable solutions.

It is possible to provide transportable satellite solutions in some parts of Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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Satellite is the only communication system which can reliably provide broadband Internet access anywhere and anytime.

Prime Satellite Broadband provides motorised satellite dishes and flyaway quick install dishes to enable you to implement your transportable office solution. We can install or advise you on the installation of the equipment and we provide training to enable you and your team to operate the system. Quality, reliability, durability and ease of operation are essential for such services.

This solution is also applicable for mining and construction sites. Such sites may require a service at one location for a few weeks or months and then the service is required at a diferent location.

Remote Outside Broadcast - Single Operator Low Cost Solution

WOutside broadcast vehicleorking with the largest satellite outside broadcast company, Sis Live, we provide solutions for outside broadcast requirements using audio and video streaming over a satellite IP network. We specialise in the concept of a low cost small vehicle adapted for broadcast use with a motorised dish on the roof of the vehicle. With simple one button operation to get the link and no requirement for any specialist satellite knowledge allows a single person to drive the vehicle, set up the link and broadcast live footage.

The relative low cost of this concept with the enabling of minimum operation costs enables single independent content media workers (camera person, events organiser, radio station, etc.) to enter this market and sell their content to their customers, radio, TV and other content distributors. Prime Satellite Broadband also provide leased equipment and vehicles to minimise the initial outlay required and thus assist you to start your content broadcast business.

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