Prime Satellite Broadband Reduces Prices Again

Prime Satellite Broadband, the Service Division of Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd is pleased to announce that they have again lowered the cost hof satellite broadband services in the UK and Ireland

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Prime Satellite Broadband works with Total VSAT Solutions to provide service to the UK film and TV industry. The need to be able to have Internet access at any location at short notice at a film set can only be reliably supported with satellite.

Our satellite terminals are based on durable Hughes Network Systems equipment - the world's market leader and the service is run on a a UK satellite and landed in a UK based gateway. Our services are flexible enough to meet virtually any Internet access requirement.

With Total VSAT Solutions we have provided broadband services to many UK based films and studios including:

Jack The Giant Killer, Gravity, Wrath of the Titans, Snow White & The Huntsman, The Numbers Station, Da Vinci's Demons, Maleficent, Red 2, World War Z, The Christmas Candle, Atlantis

Prime Satellite Broadband are proud to be serving the UK film industry.

Contact us or Total VSAT Solutions UK for more information.