Prime Satellite Broadband Reduces Prices Again

Prime Satellite Broadband, the Service Division of Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd is pleased to announce that they have again lowered the cost hof satellite broadband services in the UK and Ireland

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Prime Satellite Broadband is the satellite service division of Prime Satcom Consulting Limited. Formed in 2003 under the leadership of Tareq Khamis, a satellite engineering and business professional for over 27 years. Prime Satcom Consulting quickly established itself as a knowledgeable consulting firm. Early customers included Orbit Research Ltd, Petrodata Ltd and Innovation Technology Systems in Dubai with jobs ranging from establishing UK based satellite service to advising on the best global solution for data monitoring systems. In 2004 Prime Satellite Broadband was created in partnership with Orbit Research.

UK Avanti DishPrime Satellite Broadband quickly established themselves as a major player in the satellite service market with key customers including Cable & Wireless, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Services, National Grid, Mercury Health (Care UK), South Gloucestershire Council, Birmingham Council, Thomas Swan Ltd, Lundy Island, Holland & Barrett, McDonald Restaurants (with O2 WiFi), York Potash, I & H Brown etc.

Today Prime Satellite Broadband has partnerships with Avanti Communications, Sislive, Skylogic SpA and Talia to deliver what we consider are the best value services available to the market today and in the future. This multi-partnership approach with our expertise on the technology available and comparative qualiy allows us to provide the best service for our customers.

IHYLAS-1 Satelliten 2011, Prime Satellite Broadband contracted with Avanti to provide their own satellite broadband services over the UK and Ireland on HYLAS 1,the first dedicated broadband Ka-band satellite to be launched over Europe. We continue to provide Avanti services over the rest of Europe that HYLAS 1 covers. HYLAS 2 was launched in 2012 and Prime Satellite Broadband are looking to expand Ka-band satellite operations over the Middle East and Africa. We will provide good quality broadband services at affordable prices.

Avanti Communications are a UK based wholesale service provisioning company that launched HYLAS 1, the first broadband Ka-band satellite in Europe in 2010. This provided a leap in lower pricing available to satellite broadband customers due to the higher frequency of Ka-band compared to Ku-Band.

Eutelsat's Subsidiary, Skylogic, with satellite gateways based in Italy, provide excellent coverage almost to any part of the world. Their DStar services are high quality and reliable. The service has been in operation for over 8 years and stable. We use DStar services for our Middle East and African services. Skylogic also provide the Ka-Band TooWay service which Prime Satellite Broadband can supply to areas where HYLAS 1 has no coverage in Europe. TooWay is a consumer focused service without the flexibility and professional features provided under Avanti, but it provides adequate services as a second choice.

Sis Live are the largest mobile outside broadcasting company in the UK and possibly Europe. They operate over 200 vehicles and own their own bandwidth which is distributed via their own hub in Milton Keynes, UK. They provide both occasional use and data volume limited services on dedicated or low contended bandwidth.

Talia is a top-tier provider of satellite Internet and voice services. Experts in satellite and wireless communications, they provide coverage from Europe to the Middle East and Africa.

Prime Satellite Broadband work with other satellite service providers too. We have a flexible approach so that we can provide our cutomers the best and most suitable service available.

Best of Industry Customer Support

Providing reliable satellite Internet links is only one part of the service we provide. There is no doubt that one of the key differentiators between service providers is customer support they provide. Prime Satellite Broadband sees that it is this element of its business that has to be world class. While clearly it is the satellite service that we provide that we are both able to control and be responsible for, we do not stop our support services at this point. The Internet is a very complex network and even the equipment our customers use is often too complex for many to understand when things do not work correctly. Our approach is to assist our customers to find where the cause of any issue resides, help our customers understand what the issue is and either assist our customer to fix the issue or point them to where they can get the issue fixed. We understand that customer support means assiting you to use our satellite services optimally.

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